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Our biggest teachers are the persons we spend the maximum part of the day with. It could mean their optimism, enthusiasm, pessimism or any such trait rubs on us faster than we know. Our workspace empowers us to think, recreate or debate or on the contrary limits us if it lacks in good efficient physical design. For example, we crave work privacy or the opportunity to interact with a mentor or get too consumed/ distracted in the office noise. Additionally, the work culture lays our relationship with coworkers. Technology has given us Smartphone and smart homes; the need of the hour is smart and functional paint within collaborative spaces. 

Here are the 5 reasons you need smart and functional paint: 


1. Creative sessions as a team - With Smart Paints like Marker board or Chalkboard paint, one can host creative work sessions pretty often, in a formal or informal setup. As you have the liberty to write on walls, you can note down ideas as you soon as you speak or think of it. Curate the best ideas and turn them into future business goals. This is an effective way to boost team morale and ensure a productive day at work. 

2. Review your work - Use Digiboard Projection, smart and functional paint, to view PowerPoint and Excel sheets easily on the painted walls which help in the projection of official documents. You can review it quickly just before a client meeting or take a colleague through it on your Smart Painted cum Projection Wall. 

3. Learn a new skill - If you're brainstorming with people who possess different skill sets, you might learn a thing or two if you're really invested in their inputs. Note it down quickly on the Smart and Functional paint in Chalkboard and Markerboard variants to never miss out on a budding new idea. 

“Delegate and outsource work as often as you can to focus on your core business goals. Cut meeting time by 25% by focusing on the main discussion points and sticking to them” - MSpeaks 

 4. Environment-Friendly - Get more coverage with smart and functional paint which replaces paper and cost of stationery. Save Trees our source of oxygen, improved air quality and reason for sustenance. 

5. Smart and Functional Paint -  Get your hands on Colortek's Smartkoats Markerboard, Chalkboard, Magnetic and Digiboard paints. They are transparent, water-based, low on VOC, easily applicable and come in a wide array of colors, fitting in seamlessly with the existing or newly painted walls. Its special dry-erase coating can go on dynamic substrates like wood, metal, laminates, plaster, and existing paint. 


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