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Concrete a product of civil engineering widely used in roads, pavements, driveways, garages, and highways; has made a grand headway into the interior design space.  Its sophistication is best suited for homes, workspaces, restaurants, showrooms among others. The seamless concrete effect flows freely on Interior and Exterior walls and floors, setting a harmonious backdrop to high-traffic areas. Neocement Veda Realty is pioneering the versatile use of Concrete in any part of the Interior Design.

Customized and Green Neocement Veda Realty

Neocement is highly customizable with colors, textures, patterns lent with decorative dyes, inserts, stenciling, and stamping.  The finish can be given a character of your choice alongside unlimited variations. 

Neocement is handcrafted at reduced thicknesses on several surfaces namely concrete, ceramics, woods, plasterboard, masonry walls, staircases, bathtubs, showers, etc. It is applied to the existing slab thus making it a viable green effect. Hence, unnecessary construction wastage and damage to the environment is reversed. Additionally, it can be applied irrespective of the climate condition. 

Neocement Veda Realty is a cement mix with blends of very low VOC water-based polymers. Posing a minimum threat to the environment with fewer emissions and hazards of scrapped wastage.


High Utility and Versatility 


The concrete effect is applied at only 3 millimeters to walls and floors.  It is used both horizontally and vertically and even to objects such as a stool, tabletops, kitchen sinks or bathtubs. 

The effect allows for endless possibilities and practical solutions to the decor.  Boost creativity and infuse the durable concrete on spaces untapped thus far. Neocement is enriched with high-quality adhesion, abrasion and compression resistance, as well as waterproof and UV resistant properties that make the remodeling much easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Neocement Veda Realty 

1. How durable is Neocement? 

A professional Colortek Craftsman will apply Neocement with the correct technique and topcoat to make it long-lasting. 

2. How is Neocement applied?

Neocement is applied by hand at 3 millimeters thickness. The surface is checked tested and fixed for any substrate problems before execution. 

3. Is Neocement for Exteriors? 

Yes, Neocement is ideal for Exterior Facades given its protective coating that makes it resistant to climate stress, UV rays, and water penetration. 

4. Is Neocement suitable for residences and commercial spaces? 

Neocement is made to embrace extreme wear and tear and can go up on dynamic interior settings. 

5. Is Neocement okay for bathrooms?

Yes, Neocement has protective layers that make it slip-resistant and ideal for bath, shower and swimming pools. 

6. Is Neocement Cold? 

Neocement can be crafted on underfloor heating systems thus providing comfort and warmth to occupants who choose to walk bare feet. 

7. Is Neocement Stain Resistant? 

As long as the spilled liquid is not left stagnant, Neocement's properties will work against the absorption of stains. 

8. Can Neocement be personalized? 

Yes, a variety of colors, textures and decorative inserts can be applied to the mix or as overlays. 

Embrace the new and innovative formulation ofNeocement Veda Realty that cares for aesthetic and most importantly, the environment. 

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