July 24, 2019

The newest architectural marvel is a material named Concrete. Used sparingly in garages, driveways and walkways earlier, it has graduated to mainstream contemporary spaces such as corporate offices, wellness centers, residential interiors, and retail design. Its dynamic finish finds its way on interior and exterior facades.

Entailing a fine mix of cement, water and polymer to lay down a smooth path of seamless, jointless floors and walls, as desired.

Highly Customizable

Sky is the limit when it comes to customization with Concrete.  You can choose the brightest hues to classic grey’s and whites and still be open to experimentation while contemplating quirky unseen colors.

Along with color, you can opt for a wide range of textures like glossy finishes which resemble glass, or stencil stamps to achieve the desired result.

Concrete Hack#1 – Use a shade of your brand color to connect with visitors in commercial spaces.




Vastness and Openess

Think big to get the maximum effect with Concrete. Large surface areas do justice to the seamless earthy or quirky effect. Allow some  elements of your furniture to resemble the concrete walls/floors.

Example – Add the same mix of concrete on tabletops, wash basins, fireplaces, kitchen sinks, among others.



Durable and Cost Effective

Concrete walls and floors can last you a decade if maintained as per expert advise. Regular sweeping with a mild cleanser works well to retain its natural look.

Concrete is also pocket friendly and a viable option to cover high traffic areas with aesthetics intact.

Concrete Hack#2 – Contrast is key. On grey classic concrete add the warmth of wood. On bright concrete add tones of White Veneers.

Environment Friendly and Safe 

Concrete is made with natural ingredients, dyes and paints which contain zero presence of Volatile Organic Compounds. The application securely goes up on existing surface or natural soil and prevents any form of scraping or wastage.

Additionally it is water resistant, stain resistant, and can be executed with radiant heating to maintain a warm temperature under the feet.

Concrete Hack#3 – Standing for long periods on Concrete can be tough. Consider using rugs to ease out its toughness on feet.

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