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Get all your Microcement Questions addressed by specialists at Veda Realty

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Microcement is an instant transformative coating which shall refurbish just about any existing surface without the need for scraping off previous materials or pile up huge heaps of debris which end up in the landfills. It saves labor costs, environmental waste and helps in quick refurbishment extending from walls to floors, ceilings and furniture. 


What is Microcement? 

Microcment is a special mix of cement, special aggregates and water-based polymers which bind well with the base material and result in rapid renovation. 

The coating can be applied horizontally and vertically to internal walls, floors and exterior fascades given it's excellent adhesion properties.

Application of Microcement : 


The coating is handcrafted over ceramics, tiles, wood, plasterboard, masonry work, glass, existing concrete, brickwork, drywalls at just 3mm thickness. 

The result is a homogenous, unform and joint-free finish which meets the designers vision of a minimal, modern and homogeneous design. 


Customization with Microcement : 


Our specialists can add numerous personalizations which include incorporating your logo, graphic design, special slogans, patterns, brand colors and even play up with the intensity of the color scheme. 

Simply allow us to understand complementary interior decor materials in order to suggest the best and most creative custom concrete solutions. 

Should you worry about weather conditions, stains or water penetration? 


Absolutely not. Microcement utilizes it's inert properties and remains sturdy in the face of extreme weather conditions which may result in expansion, compression, bends, ruptures and wear and tear due to footfalls. 

Any aggressive stain like coffee, wine, vinegar and oils must be removed immediately. The surface is adequately protected to prevent any stains due to spillage 

Microcement is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as it easily resists humidity, water penetration and extreme heat, making it a highly practical and effective choice. 

Does Microcement protects against falls and injuries? 


Polylock is our specially designed protective sealant which is offered on high, medium, wet-zones and low traffic areas, depending on the intended use of the space. 

Special anti-slip additives are mixed to prevent serious falls/injuries. Microcement is also compatible in homes with pets. 

Neocement by Colortek India 

Veda Realty is the exclusive supplier of Colortek Range of decorative, functional and smart coatings pan India. 

Microcement aka Neocement offers the best durability, longevity, decorative, sustainable and practical concrete solutions. 



1. Microcement is an instant trasformative coatings which refurbishes wood, tiles, gypsum, plasterboard, glass, brickwork, drywalls in 3mm 

2. Include your company logo, brand colors, special graphic illustrations, stencils into your wall/floor effect. Unlimed colors can be achieved in any intensity. 

3. Sturdy agaisnt extreme weather conditions, wear and tear, resists humidity, water-vapor and water penetration 

4. Simply share the intended footfalls and get the ideal protective topcoat. Polylock offers to cover high, medium, low and wet areas

5. To request a quote, simply get in touch with us by leaving your email ID at the end of the page!

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