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Work is worship and the workplace is a temple. A place we owe so much too for our daily bread, livelihood and life's purpose. A place which stirs creativity, ideas and output needs a design equally inspiring in built. 

An office space does affect us psychologically, laying the path for inclusion, productivity and collaboration. If the design is seamless, stunning and comforting, it positively impacts the performance and contribution of the resources. 

Create a space which represents your company and its offerings well. A backdrop to the most important developments in the organization, office design needs sustainable solutions.

Office Decor and Design Ideas by MSpeaks -

1. Desks and Chairs - Keep a single veneer across the workstations with arm-rest chairs in sharp contrast. Allow employees to personalize their desk by giving access to whiteboards and pin boards.


#Pro Tip 1 - Match the veneer with the doors to provide harmony in design. 

2. Entry Lounge - Make a great lasting impression with a lounge which is warm and inviting. Create an elegant help desk with the use of Marble or Wood Veneers. Allow guests to be perched on comfortable furniture. Decorate the surroundings with show pieces which define your company. For example, if you're a textile company, you can hang the most gorgeous classic fabrics on walls. 

#Pro Tip 2 - When using Marble, less is more. Either use it minimally to highlight parts of the furniture like the reception desk or use a huge chunk of Marble Wallpaper as a backdrop

3. Conference Room -. This place deserves a spot distant from the main work station. Beautify it with accent walls, a wall which is differently painted or textured than the rest. Ideally let it open to the city landscape or natural view to allow natural light into the enclosed space. 

#Pro Tip 3 - Blue is associated with productivity and rational thought. Consider using some in this collaborative space.

4. Color Scheme - Use your brand colors seamlessly into the decor, be it as paint, upholstery, flooring or decor. Allow your brand's color to be seen and experienced. This will encourage employee motivation and loyalty towards the brand. 

5. Concrete Work spaces - The natural effect of concrete which seamlessly flows on floors and walls in the ideal design for modern office spaces. There is a huge surge for concrete on interior and exterior surfaces owing to its classic appeal, highly personalized coating and fast installation.

#ProTip 4 - Brand owners can use unlimited colors and textures to their custom concrete to lay the floor for leaders, thinkers and doers.  Fuse in Gold Inlays which look fabulous when merged with concrete coating. 

This environment friendly coat lets you cover, repair and renovate old surfaces without the pains of having to remove the existing floor. The finish feels soft to touch and is a feasible option given its easy maintenance and quick installation. 

#ProTip5 - The joint less and seamless look of the concrete design can be contrasted with pop colors, quirky furniture and accent tables to achieve the desired contemporary look. The concrete can be placed across floors, walls, kitchens, rooms, and bathroom to lend a single unit seamless look. 

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Workplaces are nothing short of a second home, make every effort to bring in the luxuries and comfort for your most important assets.