The Ultimate Guide To Colortek Paints

Paints form the main backdrop to space and can be used wisely as part of the decor.  Choosing paint is a huge responsibility as you set the tone for the entire room, and as Colortek Paints exclusive Indian provider, Veda Realty, will aid you to think well-thought-out spaces which are all about innovating with something as versatile and as personal as paint. 

Consider a durable paint which lasts you a good 5-10 years until maintenance or reapplication is required. Perform the paint job in a well-ventilated area to allow the painted surface to dry faster and effectively remove any fumes during or right after the process of the application.  

Paint Hack #1 -  Make an expression with paint.  Allow your personality and choices to be seen.  Do not limit your idea of paint to a favorite color,  go for shades which will add value and character to your immediate space. If you wish to have a favorite color, use it on one wall also known as accent walls in varied textures or solids. 

Preserve the quality and sheen of a newly done up wall using the technologically advanced protective layers available in paint. Opt for Low or Zero VOC ( Volatile Organic Compound) which becomes a breathable gas at room temperature, stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-burnish, fire-resistant paint. This will help you extend the life of paint and save time for repaint or maintenance 

Use water and a dampened rag to remove any dust or dirt from painted surfaces. Occasionally, use a mild cleanser to scrub the surface lightly. Your painted walls will be as good as new, saving you time, effort and money and preserving Colortek's original sheen. 

What to consider when choosing paint?

If you live near industrial areas, chemical processing plants or near the coastal roads with high salinity, consider going in for protective coatings. High humid temperatures can decrease the strength of paint as well. Consider the vicinity when choosing paint.  

Keep the objective clear. Know the room, the people who shall occupy it and take a uniformed decision to apply something as permanent and durable as paint. 


When should you paint? 

Avoid monsoon for a new paint job as it can delay the process of drying. And even cause moisture-related problems. Wait upon extreme weather conditions or humidity. However, you can go ahead with paint at any time of the year in interior spaces except when rain is on the horizon. 

Paint Hack #2 - If you're a fan of too many artifacts and decorative pieces which often invite dust and mite and appear bulky in living rooms, reconsider and replace them with decorative paint to enhance beauty and elegance of decors.  Decorative paints are easier to maintain, easy to clean and cost-effective in comparison to too many artifacts or towering wall units. 

Indoor Air Quality


The quality of the air we breathe in a constrained environment like our homes is far more polluted than the quality of the air outside. There are several factors which add to the poor air quality woes

1.) Poor Ventilation

2.) House Paint

3.) House Furnishing

4.) Building

5.) Upholstery & Rugs

6.) Plywood

7.) Habits of the occupants such as smoking. 

It is imperative to reduce the harmful impact of air with appropriate solutions. Volatile Organic Compounds are a naturally occurring chemical found in the adhesives and spreading agents of paint. Think of the annoying fumes when the painting process is on, it is the same fume which evaporates into the air and becomes breathable much after the entire process. This air keeps itself enclosed within spaces causing a number of health concerns like asthma, respiratory tract problems, constant ear, nose and throat allergies as well as serious to chronic illnesses like lung disorders, reproductive issues, kidney damage and in severe cases, cancer as identified by WHO. 

In order to rectify health reconsider doing up immediate spaces, consider Colortek's Zero VOC paints which are formulated with natural plant dyes, minerals and are mostly water-based or derived from earthy minerals. Colortek Paints is known for its no adhesive formulation which is the leading cause of VOC buildup in paints.  Grow and nurture indoor plants and ensure good ventilation with more openness. 

About Colortek 

Colortek has successfully begun painting the global landscape with its innovate, inimitable and advanced paint solutions.  It provides unimaginable colors, decorative and protective coatings in unlimited design possibilities for every architectural, industrial and household need.  

Going beyond imagination and expectations, Colortek is set to revolutionize the way India considers paint. Veda Realty is the official provider of Colortek Paints in India. Veda Realty takes immense pride in dispersing Colortek paints that meets international safety and performance standards as well as provides comprehensive design solutions. 

Colortek Decorative Range at Veda Realty 

1.) Akasan -  Think of endless color possibilities interspersed with the magic of pearl and precious metallic crystals. This one is a full-blown color wall which becomes the most loved focal point of the room. 

Odorless | Low VOC | Customized | Interior apt for Kids Bedroom, Schools, Colleges, Start-ups, Retail Jewellers. Beauty and Wellness Spa Centers | Substrate - Plaster, Gypsum board, embossed wall coverings 

2.) Baca - Inspired from natural pearl, Baca lends a smooth finish to walls illuminating metallic inserts in a range of colors.  Choose this natural decor theme to bring out the best from your space. 

GREENGUARD Gold Certified | Low VOC Emissions | Custom Tints | Classy Appeal | Interior for Corporate Office Accent Walls, Hospitality, Retail Spaces, and Luxury Residences

3.) Edisso - Borrowed natural minerals like chalk, clay, talcum and natural resins to recreate fine minerals fused in a variety of colors. Edisso retain aesthetic values as well as provides thermal insulation 

Water-based | Deep rich colors | UV Resistant | Washable | 100 % Acrylic | Low VOC | Interior and Exterior Paint Applications for Commercial, Residential, Healthcare, Hospitality and  Wellness spaces 

4.) Floe -  Add grains of sandy deserts or frosty crystals fine-tuned in color to make spaces inviting and comfortable. Smooth and Rough Finish | Illuminating Sparkles | Odorless | Washable | Heat-Resistant | Non-Flammable | GREENGUARD Gold Certified | Interior paint for luxury spaces in Hospitality, Retail, and Residential spaces

5.) Neocement - A highly customized decorative concrete mix for walls and floors, used to create or renovate surfaces making them joint-free, seamless and enhanced with personal choice in color, texture, glossy, stencil or stamping features as envisioned. 


Environment-Friendly | Water-based| Highly Customized | Easy to Apply | Easy Maintainance | Interior Decorative Coating apt for showrooms, restaurants, corporate offices, gyms, shopping centers, and more.