Unleash your superpowers with functional and hygienic Colortek Paints

 How about bestowing some powers to everyone who is willing to take control of their health and work alike. While making small changes to lifestyle is commonly advised, have you wondered the impact immediate space holds on our wellbeing?  We set out to do our best, but often lack energy, productivity or optimum immunity. Colortek may have answers to unexplained illnesses or low self-drive.


Colortek Advanced Paint Solutions

Imagine a responsive interior set-up that is sensitive to your needs. It works round the clock to boost your physical and mental capacity. The answer lies in something as basic as paint. Colortek has formulated a revolutionary paint that works as an agent to purify Indoor Air Quality, and prevent the onset of diseases for the occupants. 

Indian Retailers for Colortek

Mr. Mahesh Talreja, Owner of Veda Realty Pvt. Ltd. (VR Build) and the team are consistently working towards relevant architectural solutions that help the masses live an improved life.  They set out to paint the Indian Landscape with the brilliance of Colortek

What is Indoor Air Quality? 

While we dread to know about our country's capital grasping for pure air, the same quality arises and 10x worse indoors as well. This pollution is courtesy of building materials, furniture, plywood, adhesives, insulation wires, upholstery, carpets, and even ventilation which cause this trapped air to be inhaled continually. 

Now the same household materials carry in its layers a toxic airborne chemical named Formaldehyde.  Generally found in pressed woods, adhesives, and resins. This compound is easily broken down in the air and when inhaled repeatedly can give rise to potential health hazards.  Formaldehyde is a classified carcinogenic compound, recognized by the World Health Organization. 

Over a period of time, it may cause low immunity, respiratory tract illness, asthma, skin infections, suffocation, dizziness, shortness of breath, constant eyes, nose and throat infection, low productivity, reproductive problems in men and women, in rare & severe cases it may cause cancer of the lungs. 

 This alarming study led to the formulation of Colortek's Respisafe range of Paints. Respisafe attacks the formaldehyde immediately after application and goes on to completely eliminating it from interior spaces. It is the equivalent of a tree emitting O2 without having to compromise on colors or textures, Respisafe can be applied as beautifully as the average paint albeit with hidden superpowers.  It releases it as harmless vapor and restores health and wellness.

The risk is all around, any space that is highly populated, or designed with poor ventilation, or overly furnished. Hence, it is important to address this pertinent issue and make every inmate aware of its potential risk. 

Prevention is better with Paint
Limitations of a Workspace

How often in brainstorm meets or reviews do we find ourselves lost for words or views which could be put forward?  The lack of visual support or data makes the whole process ambiguous or rather long. 

Empower your surrounding walls to project, write, and stick notes with Colortek's SmartKoats Range of products.  With its Magnetboard, Markerboard, Chalkboard, and Digiboard writing down ideas, schedules, to-do lists can change the approach to work, giving way to an open work culture which boosts productivity and learning as well as instills a sense of accomplishment. This dry-erasable surface easily blends into existing painted walls and comes out to aid workforces when required. Low VOC, water-based, these paints are fantastic durable alternatives to traditional bulky boards with dynamic applications on Tables, Desks, Meeting Rooms, Creative Room, Cabinets, among others.