Welcome to your Wood Veneers Factory - Material Connection. You conceptualize, we execute! 


An architect seals his finished product with a decorative effect of wood veneers. It acts as a stamp on his excellent creations and his legacy remains for several years. 

At Material Connection, we become your connection to handpicked and edition Wood Veneers curated from the world's leading veneer sources like Africa, USA, Canada, South America and Europe. 


Here's the difference of shopping for Wood Veneers from vendors Vs Material Connection.


While shopping from local vendors could seem like a good idea, one can be restricted in terms of choices, design possibilities, poor quality and high maintenance cost which could be overpriced in comparison to factory-made wood veneers.


Know the difference at Material Connection.



You are the artist of wood veneers. Simply give us your perspective, your envisioned design and see it come to life at our Material Connection Factory 


Direct our creators to personalize and render bespoke masterpieces which do justice to your vision and inventive ways. The rates will average out as we deliver veneers engineered on state-of-the-art equipment which meet Indian and international standards in quality. We believe in embracing a strict discipline to work as per your time and budget to assist you achieve the 'What you see, is what you get design' experience. 

Witness the difference between the Wood Veneers procured by the seller Vs. Material Connection.


Observe the difference in quality, output and finished product. We notch up the wood's best grains in book-matched / symmetrical, mirrored, geometric patterns which stand out in comparison to the imperfect patterns available with local vendors. 



Come to our Material Connection Factory, stand on the table, guide our artisans to match your needs!



For inquiries please contact us:

Payal: 9819512377

Gopesh: 9823812377