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Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional.

There is a reason why Industry professionals trust Colortek products to deliver long-lasting beauty to every project. Paint contractors and architects get exceptional and full, personalized support from our team of color and paint coatings experts. Whether you are painting properties one at a time, designing them from a studio or managing them in large numbers — No matter what business you're in, Colortek offers products and services customized for your specific needs.

We also offer MPI and Greenguard gold certified, LEED compliant, low VOC content and emissions paints.


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Natural and Customizable.

At VR Build, we cater to the variegated requirements of our clients by providing them with a comprehensive range of plywood that is strong as well as durable. From Both Side Laminate Plywood to Mata Plywood, and also Birch, we are your connection to all that you require.


Unique. Opulent. Exceptional.

When you’re looking for top quality and unique marbles, VR Build provides a huge range for its clients. We collect exotic marbles from various parts of the world so that you don't have to. With finishes such as Polished, Leather, 3D, and any thickness of your choice, we are here to cater to you.

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Oriental Strand Board

Moisture Resistant. High-Load Capacity. Customizable.

Oriental Strand Board (OSB), is one of the most versatile materials to incorporate in a space. Its application can be done in construction, wall sheathing, roof sheathing, concrete formwork/molding, industrial packaging and industrial furnishing.


Fire Retardant Concrete Plywood

Termite Proof. Water Resistant. Eco Friendly.

Fire Retardant Concrete Plywood (FRCP), is fire retardant just as its name suggests. It is a great material to incorporate in any area and is especially useful in leakage-prone spaces. it is asbestos free, termite proof, water resistant,  highly durable and can be used beautifully in applications on walls or floors internally as well as externally. It can also be  used for wall paneling, as partitions, for ceilings, facades and so much more!

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VR Lights

Bright. Bold. Opulent.

At VR Build, lighting doesn't just mean functional, it signifies an element that can completely transform a space and make it look beautiful. We believe in form and function. From commercial lighting to decorative, we have got you covered for all your needs so even your space can be bright, bold and opulent.



62% Cement. 28% Wood.

Bison Panel is a cement bonded particle board made out of 62% cement & 28% wood. Due to adoption of a special manufacturing process, the panel acquires the strength & durability of cement & the workability of wood. Bison Panels are extensively used for several interior and exterior applications such as roof sarking of the modern airports in India. Bison Panels are fire, termite and moisture resistant.


VR Glass

Reflective. Strong. Beautiful.

VR Glass range from various designs and textures to give your space a different aesthetic appeal. In addition, they have got the unique factor to uplift the space they are installed in. They are strong, and exactly what you need for giving your space some character.



Cutting edge. Precision Engineered.

India’s largest door manufacturing unit

Duradoor is manufactured in the country’s largest door manufacturing facility that spreads over 2 lakh square feet at Malkapur, Telangana, and has a capacity of 1000 doors per shift. The cutting edge machinery and technology ensure a range that is precision engineered. Duradoor is fabricated using CNC (Computer operated machinery) based processes.


VR Wallpapers

Luxurious. Stylish. Enchanting

VR Wallpapers are an easy way of spicing up your space. Available in various finishes such as bling, leather, concrete, fabric, the wallpapers are the ideal way to apply textures on your walls without worrying about maintenance or making your space seem overwhelming. They are the best tools to make a space luxurious and stylish. Get your wallpapers today!


Coir Panels

Non-toxic. Fire-retardant. Insect and termite resistant

Coir panels are a non-toxic, fire retardant and safe to use materials for offices and homes. they consist of excellent load bearing properties and are carpenter friendly. What is also great about them is their noise reduction and sound absorbing features which make this a highly desirable staple material for spaces. Get the VR Coir Panels today!

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Veneers at VR Build are unlike anywhere else. We provide natural wood veneers as well as stone veneers. Our Veneers can also be custom to your size whether it be a standard 8 X 4, or even 10 X 4, 12 X 4, 14 X 4. At VR Build we aim to provide our clients with customization options as well, so you can be in control of your decisions. Want a custom print on your Veneer? Trust VR Build to get it done for you!


Strong and Durable.

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